Linda Wells

About Lisa

Linda was a professional dancer in England when she became a Christian, at a time when dance was not acceptable in Christian circles. After nearly thirty years as a missionary with OM, Linda finally discovered God’s heart to restore and redeem dance to be all He intended—a powerful medium to direct people back to Him, the Great Creator of everything good!

Linda taught dance in worship extensively in Britain before moving to the US with her husband, where she founded Dancelink (OMArts, now Inspiro) and leads dancers Internationally, and became Director of Compass Dance Academy.

Elective title: Missions and Dance

The Gospel is resisted more and more, but Linda will share story upon story of effective Evangelism/Dance that attracts on the street, clears darkness in the spirit realm, heals physically and emotionally and … shall I go on? Better still, join us to DANCE and hear more!

Connecting our faith and calling in movement