Tonia Nifong (USA)

About the presenter

Tonia has been drawn to movement since she was a child, studying jazz, lyrical, ballet and modern dance forms. Her favorite style of dance is a fusion of lyrical and contemporary. The fullness of life that is experienced in dance -- body, spirit, and soul -- brings healing in many capacities.

After graduating with her diploma in dance in ministry through the ICDF and Unity College, she recently started 40:31 Dance Collective, a cooperative of redemptive dance artists who bring their unique styles together in choreography projects, while also offering life-affirming dance classes and workshops. 

Presentation title:

Dancers’ Role as Redemptive Artists


Through contemporary dance movement based on scripture, participants will explore our role as redemptive artists in unlocking the things of heaven on earth. We will explore the authority we have been given, in union with Christ, to bring heaven to earth through the prophetic nature of the arts.

Rooted in our identity in Christ, we will explore the value of our unique creative callings, and ask ourselves the question, “What are the things of heaven that God is calling me to unlock on earth?” This session will be a catalyst to explore answers to these questions in a way that utilizes the body, spirit and soul.

Answers to these questions are critical for the time in which we live – a time in which evil is called good, and things of death are mistaken for life. As redemptive artists, we must rise up to discern the truth from lies, and create in such a way that the love of God reaches the hearts of those who are searching for Him.

This presentation is by video.

Connecting our faith and calling in movement