Academic Papers

To launch the 2016 Conference in Ghana, ICDF was pleased to partner with the University of Ghana to present a number of academic papers. Papers have been made available to download where possible.

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Day Programme

Papers & Abstracts

Professor Modesto Mawulolo Amegago (Ghana)
An Examination of the Role of Traditional Music and Dance in Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) Churches from the Past to the Present

Dr Debbie Bright (ICDF)
Dancing in the Creator’s footsteps: Linking creativity theory and our life as Christian Artists

Dr. Sylvanus Kwashie Kuwor & Jennies Deide Darko (Ghana)
Dance as a Tool for Cultural Reunion in the Church: Asare Newman Technique

Lisa Wilson (ICDF)
Dancing the Goodness of God: A rainbow of movement aesthetics or a universal representation?

Connecting our faith and calling in movement