Virtual (Online) Conference

We have planned an offer that we think is great value for money and gives you a taste of being on site. 

Here is what to expect ... 


We will prepare one room at the venue from which livestreams are broadcast. In this room, we will place one of the morning electives for you to watch and participate in. It will be the same teacher on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

From the same room, we will livestream one afternoon workshop each day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. These workshops will feature a different teacher each day and will be one way - from the venue to you. 

Which teachers? 

We have not yet decided which teachers we will ask to livestream in the mornings and in the afternoons. Please note that we will not livestream parallel sessions, and that you as a participant will not be able to choose among the teachers.

If you have preferences on which workshops you would like to be livestreamed, please email these to We will listen to what we hear and make choices that are practical.

In addition

We also plan to livestream the evenings on Tuesday (Host Country Night), Wednesday (Teachers' night), Thursday (Countries' Night), and the Dance concert on Saturday night.

There is no livestream on Friday evening, instead, we plan to livestream the morning worship on that day.

To summarise, you can expect on most days:

  • A morning elective

  • An afternoon workshop

  • An evening meeting

Availability of livestreams

All livestreams will be recorded and we intend to make these available for you to watch until at least the end of the year. You will be able to watch from one screen at a time.

What is included in the price?

All the above is included in the price. We intend to give you access to the virtual conference through the conference app that you can sign in to when you have registered and paid for your attendance.

There could possibly be some bonus material that we choose to include, free of charge. We will probably make adjustments to this plan as the conference approaches.

Space required for joining in

It would be helpful for you to have space in the room in front of your screen so that you can physically move and dance with us.

In short, expect lots of dance and enjoy!

Connecting our faith and calling in movement