Children's Track

"Mission is Possible"

Calling all children aged 4-12 - help us crack the code of a wordless book!

Morning kids' programme info

The kids' morning programme will include: 

  • Worship
  • Bible study about colours (5 days, 5 different colours/themes: golden, black, red, white, green)
  • Prayer
  • Dance and movements
  • Crafts
  • Playing time

We would love to see you join us!

Ages: about 4-12 years

The morning kids' programme is offered as part of the children's track (more details below).

Meet the leaders

The morning programme is provided by our friendly and experienced children's leaders.

Children’s track

Mornings: Kids' programme (children supervised*)

Afternoons: Dance workshop kids can join

Free time: After the workshop, free time for kids - go to the beach or play on site

Evenings: Kids join the evening programme

More information for the above to follow

* Please note: During the Kids Programme in the morning, children will be supervised. At other times, children are the responsibility and under the supervision of their parents / guardians / designated adult


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