Church in the grounds of the venue for Sweden 2022 conference

Frequently Asked Questions for Sweden 2022


Are there any shops nearby?

Yes, Gullbrannagården has a small shop that sells snacks, ice-cream, a little bit of food and essentials like soap and toothpaste. They take credit cards and cash in Swedish krona (SEK). There are no other shops in the vicinity of the venue.


Are there any restaurants nearby?

Yes, Gullbrannagården’s large restaurant. A small ice-cream parlour is also available.


What money should I bring?

Cash is rarely used. Most Swedes pay with debit cards, most of the time. VISA and MasterCard both work well. We recommend you bring at least one of each.


What about the pandemic?

It is about over in Sweden. New cases are few. The dominant Omicron variant is usually mild. On 1 April basically all restrictions were removed, including the entry ban.

During the past two summers, the infection rates in the Northern hemisphere decreased. We think and hope it will be the same this year.

Statistics here:  https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/country/sweden


Will I need to be vaccinated?

No. Neither will you need to be tested to cross the border. If you have symptoms, stay home and get well. If you travel through another country on your way, they might have other rules.

These links describe the Swedish situation:


What about the war?

The war in Ukraine has so far had a limited impact on Swedish society. Finland and Sweden are considering joining NATO. Both think it unlikely that a membership application would cause a military attack from Russia.


Could I have a scholarship please?

Please consider the likelihood of obtaining a Swedish visa (see below).

  • Bursary applications for Sweden 2022 are now closed.
  • Are you below 30 years of age? Apply for a Youth Scholarship here. It could cover your conference course fee.

If you are unable to attend physically, perhaps you would like to attend the virtual part of the conference? Here is a description of the virtual conference. More details will follow.


Could you please send me an invitation letter for my visa application?

Please email us at visas@psalto.se so that we can send you more information about the visa application process.

When we have received your conference registration we can send you an invitation letter to aid in your visa application. Please note that you need to show that you have sufficient funds to support your stay in Sweden. If you pay your conference fee in full before you ask for an invitation letter we can state in your letter that your accommodation has been prepaid.


How likely am I to be granted a Swedish visa?

We understand this is a question on many people’s minds. We don’t know for sure. We have heard that many applicants from low-income countries have been denied visas to Sweden. Here is our best guess. We guess it might help if you are older, married, and/or hold a senior position at a recognised organisation. We strongly recommend you to pay in full before you before you apply so that we can write that in our letter of invitation. You need to show that you are able to pay for your whole stay, also if your stay includes the 4-5 day tourist tour. A printout of your bank statement might help. You need to show that you have a paid return ticket. A letter from your employer/school/university showing that you are expected back may also help.

Please carefully read the Swedish entry requirements concerning you. Please e-mail us at visas@psalto.se as soon as possible so that we can send you more information about the visa application process. Please note that the time for processing your visa application can be several months, despite official communication to the contrary. Please do not delay applying for your visa, do it as soon as possible! Should you be denied a visa and can prove it, we will pay you back the money you paid when registering for the conference, except for SEK 500 (if you paid for Tuesday to Sunday). We will also give you free access to the virtual conference.

Please note that we do not reimburse you for any unusable travel tickets or other expenses. Please note that having a visa does not guarantee you entry. Please consider the time, effort and cost involved before applying for a visa.

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