Helianthe Eersel (Netherlands)

About Helianthe

Helianthe is a worship dancer and choreographer who loves to be creative in her dance expression and workshop leading. She is excited to be teaching at the conference and is looking forward to pouring out what the Spirit of God has planted in her.

Helianthe has been an ICDF member for almost 25 years, was the former National Coordinator of ICDF Surinam and is now Country Leader for ICDF Netherlands


Workshop title: The Bride's Garment 

In this workshop we will dance out the meaning that the Bible gives us about the garment of the bride of Christ. The description according to the Bible is that the righteous deeds of the saints are the garments of the bride (Revelation 19:8). We will dance with shawls, flags, ribbons and different fabrics in a creative way and form the garment of the bride. 

Connecting our faith and calling in movement