Mary Jones (Australia)

About the presenter

OAM, BA, GradDipEd, ATCL, Cert IV Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

Mary is a pioneer in international dance ministry and founder of ICDF, the ICDF Diploma and ICDF Foundation. She has wide experience in teaching, leading and mentoring artists around the globe as well as teaching Dance Ministry at Wesley Institute where she was Dean of Dance Studies. She has authored a number of books on dance ministry and developed a method of movement meditation to scripture called CaraMayan.

Presentation title:

The dance of the Trinity


There have been many different ways that people have tried to explain the Trinity. The word Trinity isn’t a scriptural term but emerged in the 4th century. Some of the early Greek Church Fathers used the Greek word Perichoresis to explain the relationship between Father, Son and Spirit as a divine dance. Perichoresis means rotation and is the root of the word choreography.

We will look at this history and the Bible passages that undergird the theology of the Trinity followed by an experience in dance. The dance starts with the Trinity moving spontaneously and grows in number as those in the room are invited to join. The spontaneous movement then moves into concentric circles and concludes with a simple choreographed circle dance. The three dancers who take the part of the Trinity will wear drapes of the colours that are given to the three persons of the Trinity by the 15th-century Russian iconographer Andrei Rublev in his well-known icon.

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Connecting our faith and calling in movement