Vera Chierico (UK)

About Vera

Vera is RAD (classical ballet) trained. While living in New York she joined a Jews for Jesus Messianic Dance group and, after moving back to the UK, formed the New Jerusalem Dancers in 1989. In 2005 Vera developed Messianic tambourine patterns. She has travelled internationally teaching and performing.

Vera is Joint-Coordinator of the ICDF Network for Messianic Dance and Tambourine.

Workshop title (1): Messianic Dances with a Biblical theme 

For her first workshop Vera plans to teach simple interchangeable Messianic dances with a Biblical theme to all the major rhythms -  Slow Medium Fast Waltz (3/4). Vera says: "With these dances whatever music is being played the worshipper will have a circle dance to use effectively."

Workshop title (2): Messianic Dances with Tambourines 

In her second workshop Vera will teach Messianic dances on the theme of the Biblical Feasts incorporating the use of tambourines.

Connecting our faith and calling in movement