Saartjie de Wet (South Africa)

About the presenter

Saartjie has been involved in Christian dance for the past 30 years as dancer, teacher, group leader and administrator. During this time she served as National Coordinator in South Africa and, since 2008, as a member of the ICDF Steering Committee. She then served as one of the ICDF Joint Coordinators from 2013-2022.

She began her dance training in ballet at the age of three and gained experience in other dance styles as well. Currently she is focused on teaching Ballet to adults as well as Seated Dance for seniors and the frail.

Presentation title:

Dance … A Catalyst for Change


As a dancer and dance teacher I was intrigued by the question of how dance could be a catalyst for change within a nation and what the process would be for such a statement to be true. After exploring the topic, I came to the conclusion that it is indeed possible.

In the video presentation we will look at what the underlying mechanism is for bringing about a change in society and ways in which this can be achieved. Specific examples of how it has been done before will be touched on, concluding with how we ourselves can be part of the solution to bring about a positive change in our sphere of influence.

This presentation is by video.

Connecting our faith and calling in movement