Young Ae Park (South Korea)

About the presenter

M.A., Ph.D. in Dance and Dance Education at New York University

Dr Young Ae Park is Professor of Dance in the Dance Department at Hansung University and Head Professor of Christian Dance in the Department’s Graduate School.

Presentation title

Two short Christian dance videos: “With the Light” and “Do you Remember me?”


1. "With the Light," choreographed by Dr Young Ae Park (South Korea).

This dance is based on the Carol dance originally offered to the church by St Francis. In the original carol dance, the dancers moved around a statue depicting Jesus. The dance symbolises the circle dance of angels as they praise Jesus who came into the world bringing the Light.
2. "Do You Remember Me?" choreographed by Dr Shinhee Ahn, an honorary director of The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea.

This dance depicts the struggle of people as they try to find Jesus’ Shalom (peace) and guidance, amidst the hectic and miserable situations they find themselves in. Struggling to the point of exhaustion, they try to overcome the perceived barriers between God and themselves, not knowing how to pray and overwhelmed with fear.

"Do You Remember Me?" is a danced prayer which says, ‘Jesus, remember me!’

This presentation is by video.

Connecting our faith and calling in movement