Mary Jones (Australia)

About Mary

Mary Jones studied contemporary and ballet techniques while living in the USA. On returning to Australia she formed CDFA (ICDF Australia) and led the dance group 'Prepare' before founding ICDF. Over the last fifteen years she has been developing CaraMayan as a Christian alternative to Yoga and Tai Chi.  

Workshop title: CaraMayan

CaraMayan is movement meditation to the Scriptures. CM is both an all round exercise based on contemporary dance technique and movement that expresses the meaning of the scripture used. Each movement is repeated four times, giving the opportunity of meditating on the meaning and working on the technique.  

In this workshop we will be learning the warm-up sequence which introduces the technique used in CM, and the meditation “Joy” with scriptures on joy from old and new testaments. 

Mary will be teaching two afternoon workshops. Their content will probably be the same.

Connecting our faith and calling in movement