Ulrika (Ulli) Ekström (Sweden)

About Ulrika

Ulrika loves to dance for God and she loves to teach dance and see people be filled with joy when they are dancing. In 2005 she graduated from the College of Dance in Stockholm as a Dance teacher. She taught dance in schools, churches and at the mission boat Shalom. In “Creative Mission” she toured with dance and drama in Europe; and during her education she got to learn and dance African dance in Tanzania.

She is the leader of a dance group for women called “Move to You”.

Elective title: Streetdance - power, groove and joy

We will throw ourselves into the different styles of street dance and learn ways to create moves and choreography that express meaning and emotions. By using the words and rhythm in the music we will explore how to deliver a message through our dance. The workshop will most likely bring about much joy and energy in all participants.

For beginner / intermediate level.

Connecting our faith and calling in movement