Susie Bond (Australia)

About the presenter

Physiotherapist and Pilates Practitioner. B Appl Sc (Physio)

Susie has been a Physiotherapist since 1987 and a Pilates Instructor since 1996. She has loved dance all her life with ballet, jazz, tap, Contemporary and now enjoying Latin and Swing dance styles. Susie is the director of Activate Physiotherapy, Dance Physio, and Pilates in Sydney, doing pre pointe assessments and treating dancers at schools and colleges. She teaches anatomy and Safe Dance at Dance degree courses in Australia and online for the ICDF online diploma course. She is also a sitting board member of the ICDF Foundation. She has served as a committee member of the special Dance Network, in the Sports Australia group of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and now the Australian Pilates Method Association. She enjoys conferences of the Australian Society of Performing Arts Healthcare and the Int. Assoc. for Dance
Medicine and Science. Her passion is for God, dance, Garuda Exercise method, dance performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Presentation title:

Safe Dance


  • Principles of Injury Prevention
  • Safe Dance Reports Ausdance
  • Warm Up/ Cool Down / Rest and Recovery
  • Common Dance Injuries and Injury Prevention

This talk explores some studies and science behind the topic of Dance Injury Prevention - a topic that is of great benefit for ALL dancers.

Learn practical dancer self-care and ways to prevent dance injury, but also learn a few important tips on the latest information on how to manage common injuries

This presentation is by video.

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