Lucy Jarasius (Australia)

About the presenter

Wife, mother and grandmother, Lucy loves prayer, praise and worship, utilising every God-given intelligence and ability. She also “moves” in the sphere of Administration in her current vocational work, especially in Documentation Review and Development in ICDF. Trained and experienced in a range of dance techniques, Lucy has also pursued various areas of study in higher education, particularly in the area of Adult Education.

Various dance techniques, movement improvisation and original poetry feature in her solo/group presentations, workshops and seminars for “Zoomies” and/or “Roomies”. She loves making new friendship connections and encouraging ICDF countries. Indigenous peoples, egalitarian and Jesus-centred peace-building activism, help bring unique justice perspectives to her passion for dance and collaborative arts to model and mediate unity, empowerment and maturity within the Body of Christ, so we become “healed healers” in a world crying out for hope and transformation!

Presentation title:

TRANSformational CreACTivism: an abunDANCEr's Dream, SOW what?


In this seminar presentation I propose that artists, particularly dance-movement practitioners, have vocation and opportunity to seed hope, healing and transformation, through who they are (as individuals and individuals-in-community), what they do. and where they go. As Presenter-participant, I will guide Presentee-participants on a journey, a kind of pilgrimage, from where we find ourselves now, to a new place, a fresh paradigm of understanding about the role of artists in modelling and mediating a better world.

Using threads of Scriptural story, personal story, and prayer pilgrimage story, I will weave seemingly disconnected topics of Love, peace-building activism, collective generational trauma, flag symbolism, and dance-movement arts, with particular experiential reference to the recent prayer-pilgrimage undertaken by Debbie Bright and myself through a few Middle Eastern destinations before arriving in Sweden for the ICDF Conference.

My purpose is to offer a partly experiential and partly informational session to explore creative arts activism (creactivism) as a pathway to a more cooperative, flourishing universal future i.e. partnering with God's transformational activism amongst human and non-humankind – in Christian terms the establishment of the vision of Shalom/the Kingdom of God in reality within us and amongst us.

My aim is to enlighten creative arts practitioners, particularly dancers, about “the how, the what and the locus” of their beings and doings, as they partner with God in transformational vision for the entire creation. As prayer pilgrims, dancers explore, learn and teach during the process of creactivism, which tunes into and actualises the heart of the divine vision for Creation's renewal. In short, abunDANCErs may dream and actualise through SOWing Love, SOWing Peace, and SOWing as we go!

This presentation is live.

Connecting our faith and calling in movement